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Continuous Image Scroller In Flash


This mini tutorial shows you how to contruct a continous image scroller in Flash MX.


 Step One

This is a common scroller to display images, which works on the movie clips position. Movie clip(mc1) scrolls by jumping to a new position. At some particular position the clip jumps to the starting position where it began and the scrolling continues.

First, import the images into separate movie clips (mc1, mc2, mc3, ....)

 Step Two

Place all the movie clips in a new movie clip(imgMC) one after the other.


 Step Three

Type this script on all the movie clips instances:

onClipEvent(enterFrame) { // movie clip enterframe event
_x=_x+2; // change position for each enterframe event
if(_x>=540){ // condition
_x=-360; // if condition true movie clip jumps to starting postion.

 Final Note

Please note:

  • movie clips should have same width.

  • "if(_x>=540)" value depends on the no. of movie clips.

[ Download File ]


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