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WAP - Wireless Application Protocol


WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. Our IT development services include development for Internet-based information services for wireless devices such as mobile phones and Internet enabled PDAs and Java enabled mobile Phones.

EWAVEZ provides wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Following are the niche areas we have expertise in:

| M - Enable | SMS Solutions | M - Commerce |


1. Mobile enabling your business

As is clear from the studies done by Gartner by 2005, people would be accessing information more on handheld devices as compared to conventional access on PC. For such a scenario, if you do not have presence in the mobile Internet market, you can yourself judge what that means to your business. EWAVEZ helps businesses to mobile enable their core services. With the EWAVEZ's expertise you can reach your customers at anytime as well as anywhere. Services like travel facilities, hotels and airlines are the most sought after by the people on move. Giving your customers to contact you while they are on move would make it very convenient for them while at the same time it means more business for you.


2. Messaging solutions - SMS - Reach out to the world

Communication has made the world a global village. You can reach anybody, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home by using a phone. But this of course involves human interaction. For your business there should be a mechanism which keeps your customers informed about your new services and that too irrespective of their location as well as their availability on a particular place at anytime.

For this EWAVEZ provides you with integration of SMS (Short Message Service) with your business. Using this service you can send SMS to your customers for promotion of new services that keeps rolling out. Also since SMS is the most reliable way of communication as of now, you rest assured that you have communicated what you wanted.


3. M-commerce solutions

As we have seen with the expansion of B2B and B2C market, a huge amount of online transactions are being conducted over internet using secure connections. As the use of mobile devices would increase to access internet, this demand would also be there to provide secure financial transactions over the internet using mobile devices. This market is still evolving and the standards are being laid out.

EWAVEZ has taken an early initiative on this front too. We can provide m-commerce solutions by providing secure transaction over mobile devices by clubbing the transactional services provided by other industry majors by implementing micro payment solutions. For you of course there would be single interface for interaction, EWAVEZ, to help reduce your hassles.


Some other possible WAP applications are:-

  • Paying your bills

  • Checking your bank account and wiring money

  • Reading and sending e-mail

  • Staying informed about the stock market

  • Checking weather, traffic, and events calendars

  • Navigating the Net

  • Automating your house

  • Developing customer service

  • Creating a mobile organizer


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