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Whether you seek to run a Web site, remote E-mail, a database, CRM, or any other application, we custom build and maintain servers specifically designed for your business functions. You no longer have to worry about managing the hardware or operating system - we do. When it comes to hosting performance and comprehensive customer service, we leave the competition far behind.

Core Services
EWAVEZ makes monitoring, patching, restoring and keeping your system up and running part of the core services we provide, at no additional charge.
Choose a Solution
Contact us and choose from a number of sample dedicated server, or just compile one yourself. The choice is yours.
OS Choice
Pick the operating system you want, and we'll manage it for you. We will configure your system and get it up and running using your choice of: Windows NT or 2000, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, or Sun Solaris.
Build Your Own Dedicated Server
Web Hosting Plans
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Managed Hosting Saves You Money

Enjoy cost-savings over co-location or hosting your own servers in-house and the freedom from owning, repairing, monitoring and managing hardware and operating systems. Get started with no significant capital expenditure required.
Immediate Gratification
We can have your system up and running within a matter of hours, and at most within three business days. Take immediate advantage of managed hosting.
Infinite Scalability
We take a "smart-growth" approach to your server needs: build only that which you need now, and simply add more power as your performance needs change. Our network and hardware is designed to easily add and subtract servers and managed services, making scalability infinite.
Expert Assistance
Capitalize immediately from our collective decades of leading-edge technology experience. All our servers come performance tuned with the most recent security patches pre-installed. While we don't support applications (we feel your software vendor is best suited for that role) we proactively engage our clients and help them with even the most inscrutable conundrums.
Freedom From Hardware Hassles
Because we own and manage the hardware and operating system, you will never again be locked in to a dead-end hardware platform, or woken in the middle of the night because your servers are down, and in case it happens we have full back up of your data.

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